Book keeping Services

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, you may need our Raleigh, North Carolina Book Keeping Services..

1. Do you pay wages to employees?

2. Do you ever prepare payroll after hours or on the weekends?

3. Have you ever forgotten to pay withholding taxes or prepare a withholding return?

4. Does a spouse, friend, or neighbor currently prepare your payroll?

5. Are you unsure about what taxes to withhold, when to pay them or where to pay them?

6. Interested in starting a 401k or retirement plan for your company?

7. Have you ever paid penalties or interest due to a late or inaccurate tax return, or deposit?

8. Would you like one company to handle your bookkeeping and your payroll that is local to Raleigh?

9. Does the paperwork portion of your business dictate your time on the weekends?

10. Are you up to date on all the day to day changes to the tax laws?

When it comes to Raleigh, North Carolina Book Keeping Services we have all of your needs covered!